Adobe illustrator cc live paint bucket free download

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How to Use Live Paint Bucket Tool in Adobe Illustrator

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This can be helpful when you are trying to fill a small face surrounded by stroked edges. Using the Selection tool, double-click the Live Paint Group to put it into isolation mode. Download as PDF Printable version.


Adobe illustrator cc live paint bucket free download

Releasing a Live Paint group changes it to one or more ordinary paths with no fill and a. Live Paint Bucket options. You must be logged in to post a comment.


Adobe illustrator cc live paint bucket free download


When you modify a path in a Live Paint group, Illustrator colors the modified or new faces and edges using fills and strokes from the existing group. If the results are not what you expect, you can reapply the colors you want using the Live Paint Bucket tool.

When you delete edges, the fill floods across any newly expanded face. For example, if you delete a path that divides a circle in half, the circle is filled with one of the fills previously in the circle. You can sometimes help guide the results. For instance, before deleting a path that divides a circle, first move it so that the fill you want to keep is larger than the fill you want to remove.

Save the fill and stroke colors used in Live Paint groups in the Swatches panel. That way, if a change loses a color you want to keep, you can select its swatch and use the Live Paint Bucket tool to reapply the fill or stroke. As you add more paths to the Live Paint group, you can fill and stroke the new faces and edges that are created. Using the Selection tool, double-click a Live Paint group or click the Isolate Selected Group button in the Control panel to put the group into isolation mode.

Then draw another path. Illustrator adds the new path to the Live Paint group. Note : Paths inside a Live Paint group may not exactly align with similar or identical paths outside the Live Paint group. Using the Direct Selection tool, click the path or object to select it. Then choose the Selection tool and click the path or object again to edit it.

Using the Selection tool, double-click the Live Paint Group to put it into isolation mode. Then click a path or object to edit it. The Live Paint Bucket tool lets you paint faces and edges of Live Paint groups with the current fill and stroke attributes. You can access the adjacent colors, as well as the colors next to those, and so on, by pressing the left or right arrow key. If you select a color from a the Swatches panel, the pointer changes to display three colors.

The selected color is in the middle, and the two adjacent colors are on either side. To use an adjacent color, click the left or right arrow key. Click a face to fill it. When the pointer is over a face, it changes to a half-filled paint bucket and highlight lines surround the inside of the fill. Click an edge to stroke it. When the pointer is over an edge, it changes to a paint brush and the edge is highlighted. Note : Pressing Shift lets you quickly toggle between painting only strokes and only fills.

You can also specify these changes in the Live Paint Bucket Options dialog box. This can be helpful when you are trying to fill a small face surrounded by stroked edges. The Live Paint Bucket options let you specify how the Live Paint Bucket tool works, choosing whether to paint just fills, just strokes, or both, as well as how to highlight faces and edges as you move the tool over them.

You can see these options by double-clicking the Live Paint Bucket tool. Paint Strokes. Cursor Swatch Preview. Displays when you choose a color from the Swatches panel. The Live Paint Bucket tool pointer appears as three color swatches: the selected fill or stroke color plus the color directly to the left and right of it in the Swatches panel. Outlines the face or edge the cursor is currently over. Faces are highlighted with a thick line and edges are highlighted with a thin line. Sets the color for the highlight.

You can choose a color from the menu or click the paint swatch to specify a custom color. Gaps are small spaces between paths. If paint leaks through and paints faces you did not intend, you probably have a gap in your artwork. You can create a new path that closes the gap, edit existing paths to close the gap, or adjust the gap options in the Live Paint group. You can avoid gaps in your Live Paint artwork by overdrawing paths that is, extending them past each other. This command highlights any gaps found on the currently selected Live Paint group, based on your gap options settings for that group.

Gap Detection. When selected, Illustrator recognizes gaps in Live Paint paths and prevents paint from flowing through them. Note that this may slow Illustrator when working on large, complex Live Paint groups. Paint Stops At. Gap Preview Color. Sets the color for previewing gaps in Live Paint groups. You can choose a color from the menu, or click the color well next to the Gap Preview Color menu to specify a custom color. Close Gaps With Paths. When selected, inserts unpainted paths into your Live Paint group to close gaps rather than simply preventing paint from flowing though the gaps.

Note that since these paths are unpainted, it may appear gaps are still there even though they have been closed. Displays currently detected gaps in Live Paint groups as colored lines, based on the preview color you chose. When you merge Live Paint groups that have different gap settings, Illustrator uses the following rules to handle the gaps:.

If gap detection is off in all groups in the selection, gaps are closed and gap detection is turned on with Paint Stops At set to Small Gaps. If gap detection is on and the same for all groups in the selection, gaps are closed and the gap setting is preserved. If gap detection is mixed for the selection, gaps are closed and the gap settings of the bottommost Live Paint group are preserved if gap detection is on for that group.

If the bottommost group has gap detection turned off, gap detection is turned on and Paint Stops At is set to Small Gaps. Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy. Adobe Illustrator Features What’s New. Buy now. Live Paint groups Search. Go to Adobe Illustrator User Guide. About Live Paint. Live Paint limitations. Create Live Paint groups. Create a Live Paint group. Select one or more paths, compound paths, or both.

Do one of the following:. Convert objects to Live Paint groups. Do any of the following for objects that do not directly convert to Live Paint groups:. Expand or release a Live Paint group. Select the Live Paint group. Select items in Live Paint groups. Select faces and edges. Select the Live Paint Selection tool, and then:. To select an individual face or edge, click a face or edge. To select multiple faces and edges, drag a marquee around the items you want to select.

Partial selections are included. To select all contiguous faces that are not separated by a painted edge, double-click a face. Next, click on the Live Paint Bucket tool, which is hidden under the Shape Builder tool, and click on the selection. Figure After you select a new fill color, apply it to the fills on the stage by clicking the Paint Bucket, and then clicking each fill.

The Paint Bucket enables you to dump the selected fill into any other shape just by clicking inside its fill area. To use the Paint Bucket tool to fill with the foreground color, simply click the item you want to fill.

To create a Live Paint group from your artwork, you can either click the paths with the Live Paint Bucket tool or choose the Live Paint command. Making sure that the green Fill box is selected an arrow is pointing to it in the figure , click the New Swatch button at the bottom of the panel to create a swatch from the fill color of the selected artwork.

Fill the selection by using the bucket fill tool and clicking inside the circled selection see Figure Sample the color by clicking the Fill color swatch at the bottom of the Tools panel next to the fill bucket icon.

Click on the small, similar window opposite it to activate the Paint Bucket Figure 6—70 , a tool that covers faces with color and texture. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Wow, I just download and mine has significantly fewer tools than yours… have I download a wrong file?

Thank you. I noticed in the finished preview of the duck illustration there are some half-tone dots used as shading on the side of the ducks head. Do you explain how you made those in some other video? Great tip. Curious, i am watching this on a sunday and it says u on the clock: just getting to know illustrator and starting to like it. Use to do everything in PS. It helped me a lot…I watched other live paint videos but they all were doing some grouping and copy paste and so on….

But this is simple and working…Thanks man..! I have always experienced the following problem when I make vector art, especially low poly stuff. Suppose I make have a triangle and I want to make another triangle adjacent to it, while sharing one of the sides with it. U are a savior sir!

This is by far the easiest and clearest tutorial of using Adobe Illustrator for Beginner! Where is Day 4 and Day 5 please? I really really need them. These videos are incredible!!

Keep it up! Stay tuned this week, I have more content to come! I need help, I am trying to color something in, the head is three different squares, and everytime I try to click on one square to do something it selects the whole live group thing, how do I fix this?!

Thank You. If the fill bucket is messing up your strokes, select everything, go to object, expand, object, live paint: make, then object, live paint, expand. Now get the actual live bucket, and start filling in! Hey satori I wanna ask you something, All lines that have been entered Make the live paint mode unable to cut? Nice tutorial, your voice is awesome dude, a lot of character in it, you should be on radio or something:P. Make sure that whatever you are trying to fill in with color has points that are closed off and there is no lose ends or edges.

If you use the width tool, or pen pressure to make your strokes tapered, the live paint tool will destroy your line work. But u can simply outline the strokes first and still use the live paint tool. Why only the right ear at is highlighted in red? The ear has a contour gap, so I expected that the face would also be highlighted along with the ear. I have a doubt. I feel so stupid right now! I was for the longest time Literally by hand making shapes under the layer to color!!!!!!!

You saved my life! Thank you so much for this video!!!!!! Is there a way to change colors with a simple keystroke instead of clicking a color swatch? Love your video! When I use th live paint bucket tool, I always get thin faint white lines between the color and the black outline. How do I get rid of this. Any help is very much appreciated. Most cleart tutorial i had so far Btw i want to know why after finishing the colouring with live paint bucket then you expand those shape, what is the purpose??

When I select all my lines and change colour it does it all over the place and looks messy. I never knew why live bucket tool is there and wht is its use…. I used to think that it might be related to online thing.. Thank u… u shared this big secret… now aftr seeing ur video… i will also use this tool…. I am doing something wrong and its driving me crazy. When I color something it dissapears. Its in layer two but you dont see it.

Thank you for these great tutorials! Why is it important? Tnx in advance! Go through several your tutorial and i love it, but when i try the way to use bucket paint… i found a little thin white between line after do bucket paint and expand it..

I just bought my very first Wacom lasr night, and your super cute Pug dog is my vert first paint on Illustrator. Thank you so much. You really know how to teach beginners. I tried many videos without success. Yours is the best. Thank you, thank you. Especially, magnifying the buttons is so helpful. I have seen a video which a lady uses swatches and filled them the colors she wants to use.

Could you please, show that? All about science and technology. Click on “Watch later” to put videos here. Expert Mark. Table of Contents:. Show Description In this step by step Adobe Illustrator Tutorial we will be going through how to color for beginners.

Show Description The basics of how to use the live paint bucket and the color guide in Adobe Illustrator to create a color wheel. Show Description In this video tutorial I show you how to use the live paint bucket tool within Adobe Illustrator. You may also like.

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