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Close combat a bridge too far pc game download full version

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You can visit our FAQs page for more help and solutions if you have a problem. About This Game. Description System Requirements Game Media. Choose your battles, soldier-but watch your troops closely. Dominate the battlefield.

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From war-room strategy to gritty trench combat, battlefields come to life as you command Allied or Axis powers. It’s a desperate fight – bridge after bridge – where every second counts. Choose your battles, soldier-but watch your troops closely. Your best men might be war-weary, others may just be cowards or too green for heavy combat.

And you better know how to command – these men won’t obey suicidal orders. Dominate the battlefield. Pound back tank attacks, foil enemy ambushes, and weather the hail of automatic weapon fire. Real-time action pushes your tactical skills to the limit on historically accurate battlefields.

Resource allocation lets you customize your forces. Determine which operations receive reinforcements and which ones must struggle with what’s on hand. Everything hinges on your ability to get limited reserves to the right battlefield at the right time.

All damage and territory carry forward Your success in the ground you capture affects your position in future battles. Fight across three fronts simultaneously in real-time combat. Resource Allocation Model provides the strategic edge in designating reinforcements.

Dynamic battle flow-your forces can push or be pushed back across maps. However, I thought that the units were way too small too see also a problem in the original game. True, there’s a zoom feature that gives you a closer look at your troops, but unfortunately, units become too pixelated and vague when zoomed in upon to make this a useful feature. I thought the action graphics shots being fired, dying units, etc.

For instance, there was way too much blood on the ground after units died. Even if a mortar shell hit you dead-on, you wouldn’t bleed that much.

In most games, I wouldn’t mention something like that, but CC2 sets out to be ultra-realistic in so many ways that it positions itself for such nitpicking. This is one area where the game truly excelled. Although the music was pretty much non-existent, the sound effects, particularly the cries of the men as their emotions changed, were very real and very entertaining.

The manual that comes with the game is very nicely produced and contains not only all the relevant game control and feature descriptions, but also gives you a thorough background on Operation Market-Garden itself and explains the role it played in World War II. Close Combat 2 can’t seem to make up its mind as to what genre it wants to be.

I would recommend this one only for fans of the original. While there are many improvements, the overall game still has too many problems to make it fun for most fans of real-time strategy.



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