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In this tutorial, we will learn how to install and use pscp tool on Windows operating system. There are different installation types. I prefer Putty installation package where path environment configuration also done automatically. If we need to list all available options and help information we can just issue pscp command to the command line or MSDOS like below.

We can see that the usage or syntax of the pscp command is provided the start of the help information. Also, all available options are printed after the Options: part.

We will start with a simple example where we will download or get a single file from a remote server or system. As stated previously we will use SSH protocol for connection and transfer. We will just provide the remote system user name, IP address or hostname and the file with its absolute path.

We will also provide the file name we want to save locally. Then we provide the password for the user ismail. Once the session is in operation, programmers can type commands to execute file transfer. Users must ensure that they only apply commands that related to file transfer utility. Caution: If a user mistypes any information, then there are not able to reissue it as the PSFTP will terminate it immediately.

PSFTP marks most of the commands as a sequence of words that are separated by spaces. However, at times, users have to define a filename that has spaces. For that matter, one can write it between double quotes. The double quote is functional for both local and remote files. For example, the file name is my work. As it contains space, programmers can specify the file name as follows:.

The primary function of the double space is to ensure that the space between the filename it surrounds is not considered as word separators. Also, users can double the double quote in case the name has a double quote.

Usually, it happens on Unix like system that allows double quote in file names.


Transfer Files Using PuTTY | IT@Cornell.How To Use PSCP Command On Windows? – POFTUT


Should this link be unavailable or unreasonably slow, please select a local mirror site. PSPP is under continual improvement. You can get development versions if you are interested to see what the developers are working on.

Development versions have undergone less testing than released versions. You can fetch the latest development sources from the Savannah GIT repository. To retrieve files, type the following:. The first element is telling the computer the location of the file which server and folder , and the second element is to tell the computer where you want the file to be saved.

Then you press [enter]. You will be asked to enter a password. Also, users can double the double quote in case the name has a double quote. Usually, it happens on Unix like system that allows double quote in file names.

Follow the below steps to do so:. Firstly, open PuTTY, and create a saved session that defines the systems crucial private file. More so, users should also specify a username that will help them login securely. Another way PSFTP can authenticate is that by applying the name of a private key file with the -ioption command. Thanks for your post, Ramesh! Helped me a lot! Rohit April 28, , am. Anonymous September 24, , am. Rob September 27, , pm. The command line docs show -pw for automated login.

Manish July 30, , pm. Anonymous October 9, , am. Deepak Bansal February 2, , pm.


Download pscp for windows 10. File Overview


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