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But this is the granddaddy of all RPG franchises AND the game that all other RPGs aspire to be on the console systems, so I was a little surprised to see this minor flaw right out of the gate. It sounds really good. Plus there’s the fact that if certain requirements have been met, a scrolling line of information appears at the top of the screen, informing you of your current opponent’s weaknesses. Water effects are beautiful, as are the bright colors of combat. When I initially put this game into my PS2, I was a little taken back. All the local launches comprise content from the globally released versions.❿


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Something I wasn’t expecting was how the game flows. You and your party would then leave whatever location you were at and be allowed to roam some massive countryside looking for the city of Thumscara. But in FFX , the game completely removes this ability. When you find out you will be traveling to Luca, a small cut-scene pops up reminiscent of those Indiana Jones movies, where it shows the line being drawn from one city to the next. Well, after that you then most likely will watch some more of the game’s numerous cut-scenes and, once the cut-scene is finished, you have arrived at your location.

It is impossible to get lost in this game since you always seem to be led around by your nose. There is even a pop-up map that appears with a red indicator arrow telling you exactly where to go once you reach the city or other location.

It’s up to you, if you want to open a door you might see that isn’t indicated by the arrow, but for the most part the room will probably just contain a treasure chest and you will have to exit it and continue on your path. I honestly say that I missed the old style of traveling. The back of the game boasts a newly designed battle system and, while I wouldn’t have put it quite in those terms, there are some new aspects to the battle.

Like so many other games, combat is turned-based and only three of your party will battle at any one time. The biggest improvement on this tried and true formula is the ability to swap out other characters during combat. Let me explain. Tidus, Yuna and Lulu are drawn into battle against some flying critters. Well, the game indicates that Wakka is the best character for flying opponents, so when Yuna’s turn comes up, instead of having her do a regular attack or heal or any number of other functions, I pull the L1 button, which pauses the game and pulls up the listing of all characters not currently in combat.

I then select Wakka and Yuna runs off screen and is replaced by Wakka, who doesn’t even forfeit a turn. The same move that swaps Wakka into combat also allows me to have him attack right away. I thought this to be a pretty effective way to battle. Plus there’s the fact that if certain requirements have been met, a scrolling line of information appears at the top of the screen, informing you of your current opponent’s weaknesses.

Some important rules of this new combat addition: if a character dies during combat, you cannot swap him or her out for one of your reserves. If Yuna calls forth one of her Aeons, all characters leave the field of combat as the Aeon then takes over.

However, if the Aeon is killed during combat, the team of three that was originally fighting will return in order to continue the battle. I must say, I fully appreciated the complexities and strategy of this added combat function. Should a character go down or die, I simply would swap another character for Yuna who could promptly revive them and then get swapped out of combat once again. Lastly, all characters have original ‘special’?

Overdrives can occur only when the overdrive meter has become full during the combat mode. Essentially, every time you attack an enemy, the meter goes up a little bit. Once it has been filled, you can select the ‘overdrive’? What happens is the character in overdrive then goes into an elaborate mini cut-scene where said character performs some super attack.

Some overdrives are tied in with a small mini-game that must be quickly completed for the overdrive to have maximum effect. An example would be a line with a small ball going back and forth on it. You would need to hit the ‘X’?

Another head scratching angle of FFX was the Sphere grid. Each character has this gigantic sphere grid that determines the abilities and strengths of the characters. Each character starts somewhere vastly different on the grid as if indicating no two people are alike. To move around the grid which really reminded me of a maze you must acquire ability points AP , which are received after defeating enemies in battle. Select the Sphere grid from the in-game menu and you can see how many AP each character has.

Using spheres that are either found or won in combat, you can move the icon around the grid for each corresponding character and fill in the empty slots with the appropriate sphere. Example: After selecting Tidus for the sphere grid, you look around his immediate area for empty slots of abilities you want him to learn. Since you only have five AP, you can only move as far as five slots.

Well, you see that Tidus has the ability to learn how to flee only three slots away. So you move him over and then use one of the many ‘ability’?

Tidus can now use the ‘flee’? There are many types of slots and many types of spheres that will benefit your adventurers as a whole, being careful and selecting wisely will help in battles later in the game. Finally, on a sour note, there are an absolute ton of cut-scenes in this game. I actually believe I have played the game as much as I have watched it. And although the deep storyline needs to be conveyed, I almost wondered if they couldn’t have done it in another way.

I remember a time when you played and beat a game like FFX to see the cut-scene ending in all its animated glory. Now, we have cut-scenes after cut-scenes throughout entire 40 hour game. Final Fantasy features some of the finest graphics ever to grace the PlayStation 2. Water effects are beautiful, as are the bright colors of combat.

The massive ‘Sin’? My breath was taken away on more than one occasion. Characters are too pretty, if you know what I mean no acne or scars.

Fiends, as they are called, look appropriately mean and somewhat evil. Boss battles are nothing short of glorious and the attention to detail on the monsters’ skins was fabulous. I wish the game didn’t have the same cut-scene over and over every time Yuna called forth a Aeon, as the lack of a ‘skip’?

But, all and all, the cities look awesome, the 3D rendering is nothing short of miraculous, and the luxurious locales all prove that the PS2 can hang with the new boys in town. Holy crap! These characters actually have voices.

And pretty good ones too. The accents of Wakka and his fellow islanders is reminiscent of real life Hawaiians. It sounds really good. But my favorite voice was that of Lulu — she comes off as bitchy and says some really mean things, but damn if she doesn’t sound awesome plus she’s good-looking, to boot.

Combat noises all sound crisp and clear and the music that chimes in after winning a battle will sound real familiar to those who play the genre a lot. The orchestral accompaniments that pop up throughout the game are all sad and are conveyed really well. I’ll be honest, I was given this game with three days to play before the review was to be written — I’m nowhere near to being done and thankfully so.

I have played and played and played this now engaging game with sleep deprivation forcing me to no longer function correctly. My left eye shut down about 17 hours ago and my wife is considering a divorce.

There are many new levels you can make your way through and continue playing the game. You are not going to get bored of playing the game anytime soon you start playing it. You can relive the old battle moments from all earlier editions of this game series. You can find ma similar battles and other moments you loved in the older game titles.

This is one of the best features for those who have already played earlier editions of this game series. You can play this game on a variety of gaming platforms without any complications. All you need to do is download the game file, finish up the installation process to start playing it instantly. You can choose any platform on which you want to play the game at your convenience. Download Now. If you still face any problems or want to report any bugs please contact me.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Table of Contents. Who is the producer of this game? This game is produced by Yoshinori Kitase. On which platforms can you play this game?

Who is the publisher of this game? This game is published by Square Enix.


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