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The solution is as simple as loading a Gain utility (Logic stock plug-in) on the master bus (Stereo Out) and raising the volume of the mix from there. You should be able to get it loud enough that you can hear it comfortably whilst preventing the channel from clipping. + [VIDEO] Mixing Vocals with Compression in Logic Pro replace.meted Reading Time: 4 mins. Mar 19,  · Gain Staging in Logic Pro X: step-by-step. Advertisement. 1. Use the menu option Mix > Pre-Fader Metering so that you have a clear idea of your signal level ahead of the channel faders. In many cases, imported material like Apple Loops will often meter around 0dBFS. Mark Cousins. Mar 07,  · In the analog world especially, gain staging refers to adjusting the level at each point of amplification to ensure an optimal signal-to-noise ratio, without (unusable) distortion. You had to think globally, across the whole chain of gear. Overdrive one piece and sure, it might sound good in a vacuum.


Ubuntu – Software Packages in “bionic”, Subsection sound – Pre-Fader Metering

This model packs a whole powerful amp into a single stomp box. Perfect for adding classic metal-style flange to your rig.


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