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I was years without anti-virus, and never had an issue. I only run one now because my company requires it for me to telecommute. Didn’t we already know this as a fact? I think it’s good too, it means safety for more people something similar to vaccinations. Yep more safety! Less nonunderstanding consumers turning off the whole point of Windows going forward: ie. Consistent upgrades. Those of us who pay attention to more than one source knew it. Mary Jo Foley, for one, has been saying it for months.

About gosh darn time! This is needed. People need to get off their high horses, and let Microsoft actually distribute it’s products properly. Updates are designed for a reason, and consumers dont need the added confusion of being able to disable them and then thei computers messing up since they made a poor choice.

Modern applications should always update on their own, especially a consistently evolving one like Windows There should never have been choice in the first time. The only thing they should still do is allow users choose when to install them, just dont let the user deny the install forever.

Yes it’s so great to have no choice, and that is exactly why they are giving one to Pro users. You are right it is great, consumers need to realize Windows is now a consistent updating and changing OS it will never stay the same. Users don’t need a choice.

That is the point of Windows going forward. Here’s why not: I removed Skype from my computer. I don’t need it. The Store keeps telling me that there is an update to Skype. If I let the Store automatically update apps I would get Skype back on my system.

This is so old wtf. As a web developer this is an absolute godsend. I’m not concerned with auto-download, nor auto-install for the most part. I’m more concerned with auto-reboot. Was in the middle of a game, and it auto-rebooted, even when I know for a fact I postponed for 4 hours.

Lol, did you play at 3am again? I could not find any positive reason behind this decision. Kinda weird decision. There are positive reasons, just that you don’t think those are good reasons. It’s nothing weird to reduce the number of unpatched machines that are waiting for malwares to invade. This update practice is stated in the EULA, what user’s right are you talking about?

Are you saying there’s some human rights issue involved here. This issue is similar to the children vaccine issue.

Do you force every kid to be innoculated against contagious diseases? Very happy about this. Finally stupid users who never update their system, wont have much to complain about Windows being unsafe or unstable, just one more hoop they have to jump to screw themselves over.

Wouldn’t say they’re all ‘stupid’. Some people don’t really know how to manually update, don’t really get around to doing it, or don’t even know it happens. Thinking of the older generations here. The majority of Windows users are casual users who want a computer than turns on, and allows them to do things like use Office, browse the web and check their emails.

They don’t really go looking beyond that. That’s good news. Always install windows updates, anti spyware tool and stuff. Will save on support calls and put pressure on small app companies to finally keep their apps updated.

Could be 1 more reason I will leave at least two machines with w7. Win 7’s price is crashing right now. Good time to buy if you’re in the market. I’m sure there will be an option to only download the updates via Wi-Fi I heard there are only two Windows 10 editions for PC, Windows 10 and Windows 10 Pro What is Windows 10 Home which is written in this article’s title.

It’s just ‘basic’ Windows 10 for PC. The only reason they’re adding ‘Home’ to it is because there will be a number of different variants of Windows 10 Mobile, Pro, Home, Enterprise etc. Happened to stumble upon the old control panel in July iso. Guessing enterprise will have access. Whats the point of wsus then. Tch, this sounds cumbersome, when users complain, MS will change their way, just like when people complain with Windows 8 at first without Start Menu.

They can’t afford to fark up this time. Great way to cause a backlash before your OS release. Some of you might be happy about this, but wait till a Samsung Android into your computer to charge. My cousin did that on one of the builds I had and that update shiat kept looking and looking for the driver even when the phone was unpluged. Which one of you typed this? Jekyll, or Hyde?

Either way, could one of you ask the other to retype this, it’s goddamned awful. Old news, but WU wanted to install outdated drivers so often it will be really annoying if you can’t stop it from doing so. I think that is quite good. I can’t remember how often I had to “fix” PCs from family and friends. In most cases, all I did was to go to the control panel and install the “97” important updates to solve all kinds of problems. Yes, for the advances user, this might be annoying, but as advanced user, I use the Pro version of any OS anyway.

The average user has little knowledge about the actual system, so not relying on them to do what they should do without them knowing why in order to keep the OS stable is a good move in my books. I also remember times when I had to fix my PCs, or a friend’s, or a family member after they received an update gone awry and the PC blue screened at startup.

Or what about updates that fail to install because of a problem with the update and Windows Update keeps getting them? That must have been during the XP days Embrace windows 10 let the past go. Windows 7 and even 8. I have 7 windows 7 and 8. I have never run into a situation that the PC blue screened at startup because of windows update.

All the blue screens that I have seen were caused by hardware problems. I thought this was already well known? Confirmed for months now? This is supposed to sell itself as the premiere site for Windows news. Is this seriously the first article on this matter from Windows Central? I’d be surprised if that’s the case. What’s next, and article that there’s going to be a unified app store? And article that it’s a free upgrade? What are we talking about. Update is usulay as massive as 5min youtube clip.

If you are using Thank you for giving attention to this WC. Actually you can’t configure much with the pro version of either. This is the one and only deal breaker for me which will force me to stay on 8. I can’t understand what they are thinking. Not being able to hide driver updates which can cause systems to not even boot is such a bad move.

I never update my drivers if the hardware works as expected. Old drivers are rarely a security risk. I guarantee an admin can disable BITS in the services menu. BITS can be disabled but if your computer is shuts down and restarts it will enable itself.

Yes, it happens. The question is what happens more often. And while there see some issues with updates, I would say there are far more issues due to a lack of updates being installed. I just found out there’s a way to disable force installation of drivers, if someone’s interested. Don’t know if this is possible with the home version.

I really hope this works. Thank you for the tip. They still have this option in the built. But I personally like to download updates when I can, I don’t want my pc downloading updates while I’m working on something else, it makes my pc very slow. Let me choose when, got it. This is very bad for some people I know who are having serious troubles with WU. MS should not forget they are giving away SP3 for free to TV and radio stars that are also having these kind of problems while on the air.

There’s a lot of things you don’t like to hear, like someone advising “Ipad’s don’t make you update that often, you know? This is perfect. Business, of course, is completely different. But awesome!

Unless of course an update actually breaks something. MS can’t make any significant improvements without tacking on pointless restrictions like this. They get so many viruses and never update there computers.

On my Windows 10 tp the system update always fails as I have a kbps connection. How did you get your Windows 10 TP to installed?

Why are you in the Preview program if all you have is a kbps connection? The only problem about this is driver updates automatically installing and messing up a computer. When I was trying the Insider Preview one of the driver in Windows Update keep failing to Install and would constantly try to keep installing. Slowing a machine that are already slow. Probably will be ok as long as Microsoft don’t get into dictating what you can and cannot install on your machine or what you can do with it just because you opted for to go this route.

I don’t think they will do that but if google didn’t teach us anything, it showed that any company, no matter how much you like them can head down the dark side. The security update thing is only an issue for Current Branch for Business users. It does not affect Home users. Re-read the statement. Isn’t this exactly the thing that everyone bitched and moaned about from whatever company stopped Windows Updates Samsung maybe, can’t remember?

Basically preventing people from using their own means to update their device. As long as the majority of updates don’t require a reboot afterwards, I’m okay. I trust Microsoft to be sensible with what they do. And if this doesn’t work or there’s a bit of a backlash to the loss of control, then the beauty of an ever-changing Windows 10 will mean that Microsoft can, if they choose, reverse this and allow users a bit more say in what happens and when. I’m a little surprised about all the rage people are exerting.

Do these same people rage when Chrome automatically updates? What about your phones, when a carrier pushes an update? What about when Steam and Xbox games update? There’s a reason why Microsoft is doing this; security. This is the first-and-foremost concern here. In the past people prevented updates from running, or would set the system to only check for updates manually.

Years would go by, and the system would remain vulnerable to various security threats. They want to ensure this does not happen anymore. Yes, I get that it may not be desirable, but we have been dealing with automatic upsdates for years on other devices.

Why shouldn’t your computer, which houses important personal information, remain always up-to-date? In the end, is this any worse than your phone or console automatically updating? Or any other software you use, which automatically updates? I do realize there are many people with metered connection. In these cases, I hope the system knows how to work around this. Or, perhaps Microsoft will work with the ISP’s to ensure users aren’t charged for data used in order to isntall system updates.

You explained it well. I recently switched to Pro 2 days ago. Microsoft doesn’t make desktop PCs, I have no problem letting them update my Lumia but my carrier? Same thing, they don’t make phones, they have no business issuing software for it therefore I will not accept their updates, same applies to Microsoft and my PC, they can update the OS and that’s fine, but if they go ahead and install drivers then we have a problem.

On the internet, you cannot discern the true motives of people. There are people who are genuinely concerned about the effect of automatic update because of low connection speed.

There are also people who jump on this issue and other speculations to pursuade people not to upgrade, because it’ll hurt the prospect of the other platforms. If this is such a problem for people, it’s simple and inexpensive to upgrade from Home to Pro. If it’s too expensive for you, then maybe you need to reconsider just how important it is for you to be paying for an Internet connection in the first place.

Home users are generally idiots. Forcing updates is a good thing. Also people forget, that you can upgrade to Pro if you want to be able to update. I still don’t know exactly where I stand on this. This is a giant fuck up if you ask me, why break something that’s been working forever, I can’t say enough how wrong is to force my main PC to update video drivers without my consent, let alone a flash player update in the middle of a browsing session while the OS goes mad and crashes everything, this is their most retarded decision ever, windows update could be set to full auto if needed be for your moms laptop, but that’s just insane to expect a so called power user to accept this, I just don’t see how this will work really, I can and I will disable it completely when I upgrade my main rig, problem is I don’t know if I will be able to select which updates to install like I do now on 8.

Why on Earth anyone would not want to get updates is beyond comprehension. In the past 20 years, I might have had one patch that caused problems. Hardly worth stopping patches. Patches fix things. Who cares about bandwitdh. That’s a lame excuse. Removing the decision to apply patches is a very good one. Because most idiots do not install patches. As such, daddy has to do it for them.

Otherwise, these people will bad mouth Windows when their charge card gets stolen. If they are irresponsible, daddy has to step up. I was already wondering how hard it would be to temporarily prevent the update from WP81 to W10mobile.

The only option seems to be to avoid downloading it. Checking for updates can’t be disable, and once downloaded neither can you avoid installation. I hope someone comes with a hack to differ updates on Home.

A quick registry tweak will stop that. As long as restarting isn’t required for most of them. You can disable Windwows Updates, just disable the Service. If that is blocked on Home editions I doubt it but possible, I know you can do it on Pro and Enterprise build , then use a software firewall to block the wuauserv executable.

That shoudl work unless it uses another service for internet transfers. I have had updates that caused my computer to quit working. I don’t even seem to be able to control them when they update, interrupting what I am doing.

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Receive email from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors. Thank you for signing up to Windows Central. You will receive a verification email shortly. There was a problem. Please refresh the page and try again. The latest Diablo 4 quarterly update focuses on the Necromancer. Call of Duty: Warzone players have pieced together the new Resurgence map. Generally, Windows 10 updates itself automatically to provide its users the latest update that includes feature improvements and security enhancements.

But automatic updates can cause some issues actually, which makes some Windows users want to disable it. For example, the Windows 10 PC is forced to restart at an inappropriate time. There are 3 useful answers for you. It can be said as the easiest and most effective way to disable automatic updates in Windows 10 by turning off Windows Update service and Windows Services program can help you perform it with the 3 steps below.

With its easy-to-use management function for system services, iSunshare System Genius is a good replacement for Windows Services application. When your Windows 10 computer is connected with Wi-Fi, you can try to set the connection to metered. The metered connection has the data limit, which makes Windows Update only download and install priority updates. You can try this to stop Windows 10 automatic updates.

Step 1: Click the Start button and select the Settings icon.


How to Stop Windows 10 Update Permanently – 7 Ways

Select the Windows Update service from the Services list. Click on the “General” tab and change the “Startup Type” to “Disabled”.


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