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By fa , May 16, in Logic Pro. Too much info would be defying the idea of the exam, wouldn’t it? Let me just tell you that’s you will probably be using the full hour available. Multiple choice questions, quite a few trick questions too.

Make sure you know the book The Martin Sitter book. The questions can address any topic discussed in the book. You’ll have questions on terminology they show you a picture and ask you to name an object, or they give you a name and ask you which object it describes , question on features they ask you how many XXXX you can use in Logic , questions on where to find a particular function or setting That’s the kind of questions you can prepare yourself for.

Some of the questions can be a little tricky so make sure you take your time. Sometimes the right answer is “All of the above”, and sometimes the right answer is “None of the above”.

OK, now a couple of questions from a 70 question test I designed to determine if students are ready to take the Level I test:. Pressing the Control Key and clicking on the background of the Arrange Windowallows you to:. My new Logic Pro Book is out! I wanna take that test! I remember when taking my first official Logic 6 Apple Certification test, one of the question was about how to achieve a certain operation in Logic, and one of the answer was to grab your screen and start shaking it vigorously.

I’m serious! The Zoom tool can zoom anywhere without any limitations. You can select any area in the arrangement and zoom without problems. You can’t select or click anywhere in the arrangement and zoom. You can only start your zoom point from an area with no objects in it. The only time this is not entirely true is when you have activated Track Automation, then you can zoom again – but only on the actual waveform image – not on the name bar of the object.

This can cause some accidental movement of objects if you’re not careful. I would have to say no, although they are mostly similar. Some of the developers from the old Emagic team now Apple of course had a meeting with me earlier this year.

I mentioned a shitload of things that should be addressed in the future versions, however I totally forgot this one. That’s why I said “on the background”. On the background, it works exactly like a zoom tool. The test has its imperfections, and so does the book, but for the most part the test respects what is in the book. You said ” Which it won’t. Nitpicking I guess. Once you control click on the background, it will then function just like a zoom tool onwards short-click goes back one navigation level, rubber-banding defines an area to zoom in on – in fact you can even let go of the Control key while rubber-banding.

Of course you have to Control-click in the background again any time you want to use that feature. You are arguing that if you don’t click on the background, it won’t work like a zoom tool. Which is why I said ” On the background During a class however I really insist on that and actually demonstrate it and let the students play with both Control-clicking and Control-Option-clicking my favorite. I’m now using Control-Option-clicking exclusively, even when clicking in the background.

That way I just know it will always work! Mac Pro 2. I’m Interested in this too so that I don’t have to travel far away to get certified I live in Finland. You say “once you control click on the background it will function just like a zoom tool onwards”.

But it won’t do so onwards, unless you continue to always start from the background – you can’t zoom directly on an object even if you originally started by control clicking on the background as the previous command.

So it still works differently, that’s what I’m saying. Latest Logic release Lagerfeldt, I think I finally understood the confusion you are talking about! I really don’t mind the nitpicking, because since I teach Logic, it’s important for me to avoid confusion whenever I can.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have actually been planing a course like that for the past few months I don’t like this question. I got it wrong when guessing off the top of my head, but I use this key command all the time to access the zoom tool. If the question asked “Can you Zoom In? In the real world, is an artist going to ask me “Hrmmm, what does the control key do? Would that be better? If not, how would you word the question?

Keep in mind it’s not easy to design a multiple answer test, and it would be cost-prohibitive to have one-on-one testing. I would love to hear your input, and hopefully help design a better test. I’d reword the question by having it not on a piece of paper but on Logic Pro itself. So instead of choosing from 4 options, an orator would ask me “Can you zoom in for me? In a way this is harder because the answer is not restricted to 4 options on paper that represent a task, but the answer is the actual task itself.

As for cost-effeciency, you could ask a group of people to perform the same task and somehow have all the computers monitored as to make sure the correct task is performed. Then again this test could be analogous to a written car exam where I would flunk, where as the actual driving test I could pass with flying colors. I can’t remember English terms worth anything, but I know what to do with my hands.

I know that’s a problem, but realistically who on Earth is going to ask me what a key command does when in reality Logic Pro utilizes my knowledge of knowing how to perform a task, but not necessarily understanding what a key command represents in my head? If this were a test for a Training Cert then I think questions testing knowledge on key commands from memory recall would be essential. But just to get a regular Cert I don’t think the these type of questions are as practical as hand-ons-approach question would be.

Most people wouldn’t. A test is always going to be imperfect. Your solution is far from being ideal aside from the fact that it would be much more expensive , because it means the teacher or the person making you take the exam would have control over the results of your test. You say “Yes, sure” and use the zoom scrollbars. Me: “OK, but can you do it using key commands? You: “Yeah” and control arrows.. Me: “What if you want to zoom in quickly on exactly this area of your arrange window?

You: “oh let me try, is it Option OK so I’m going to be a good sport and count you right on that question. Another student is taking the same exact test in China. He’s answering the exact same way, except the teacher fails that question after the student tries the third unsuccessful combination of modifier keys. What Apple is trying to do is a fair test across the world, which does NOT depend on the lax or severe judgement of a 3rd person, but only on the student.

And at the same time, an economical solution so the teacher doesn’t have to sit individually with each student for the duration of the test. Hence the multiple answer test. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead.

Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. By Music Spirit , 17 minutes ago in Logic Pro. By vincentcacchione , 20 hours ago in Logic Pro. By mq93 , 15 hours ago in Logic Pro. By joshj , 5 hours ago in Logic Pro. Click here! Logic Certification Exam. Share More sharing options Followers 0.

Reply to this topic Start new topic. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. Posted May 16, Hi Guys I’ll be soon attending the exam for Logic Certificate Level I here in Italy and was wondering how it will look like in terms of questions.


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By StaffsJanuary 25, in Logic Pro. I just wanted to know what kind of format the exam is, do you c a lot of questions, is it multiple choice? Logic Pro X You can not take anything at all into the test. It ccertification directly from the book, using the terminology and workflows from the book book is the exam, exam is the book. You can move backward and forward freely.

My new Logic Pro Book is out! Yes, my book is the official curriculum for Apple Certification meaning the test is based on my book :. But keep in mind that some questions are tricky, some questions can have multiple correct answers, etc David, читать статью I decided to take the Logic certification exam and I purchased your the Level 1 book about 2 years desktop pro 2021 purchase, but honestly I didn’t really read увидеть больше it that much.

I found a ‘mock’ Logic certification exam online and certifiication that there are quite a few questions regarding the default key commands. Do you think it’s a good idea for me to switch to the Default key commands?

Or could you recommend a way for me to work around this? I really like how my key commands are currently set up and it would be a shame if I had to switch. Mike Robinson – “I wanna quit being a computer consultant and become a composer and arranger at age fifty- nevermind. David, the link in certifcation signature points to the Don’t know if that was intentional or not. Logic: If we define key commands as logc combination of keys such as P to open the Piano Roll, or Command-Shift-L to toggle the locked status of a screensetthen there are no key command questions in the Apple Certification Test.

On вот ссылка other hand they may very well and they will ask you to know how modifiers affect ссылка на продолжение mouse actions. For example Option-drag to copy, Option-click to reset, Control-Shift-drag to curve or to fade, etc No “combinations of keys” alone.

Hmmm ok, thanks for the reply. I do remember one of the questions in the mock exam. I know I have mine set to something else, this is why I wondered why they would ask questions like that. In fact another way to look at it is: can this key command be customized?

Then it cannot be part of a question in the Apple Certification exam. Is it hardwired, and no user can change it? Then it can be asked in a question. Soooo, did anyone ever compile a list of mouse action modifiers? You can post now and register later. If you have an account, crrtification in now to post with your account. Paste as жмите text instead. Logic pro x certification exam free 75 emoji certofication allowed.

Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. By Music Spirit17 minutes ago in Logic Pro. By vincentcacchione20 hours ago in Logic Pro.

By mq9315 hours ago in Logic Pro. By joshj5 hours ago in Logic Pro. Click here! Share More sharing options Followers 0. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Prev 1 2 Next Page logic pro x certification exam free of 2. Recommended Posts. Staffs Posted January 25, Posted January 25, Helen Stafford Logic Pro X Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options BenB Posted January 25, Esam is very detailed.

Ceetification is tougher than the practice questions logic pro x certification exam free the end of each book lesson lead you logic pro x certification exam free believe. To the book cover to cover 2 or 3 times before taking the test. You are given your test results immediately afterwards. Best of luck! Staffs Posted January fref, Posted January 26, Okay so you don’t even use the program I’ll make sure to study up a lot. David Logic pro x certification exam free Posted January 26, No, you can’t use any app during the test.

You’re on a Mac with a special test software that prevents you from doing anything on the Mac other vree answer the test questions. I thought logic pro x certification exam free might be more hands on and ask you to build a track as part of it.

Well thanks for that. It is directly from the book. Certificafion it was you that wrote the book! Nice You broke it down exzm well. Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind and go in geared up. David Nahmani Posted January 27, Posted January 27, certifivation Thank you for your kind words regarding the book! Glad you liked it. Staffs Posted February 12, Posted February 12, Is it possible to get a digital copy of the book if you’ve bought the hard copy?

Or would you have to pay again? I’m moving overseas and books are heavy. David Nahmani Logic pro x certification exam free February 12, Sometimes hard copies come with a free eBook I’m not sure exactly what determines wether they do or don’t Otherwise I’m afraid you’d have kogic buy certificatioj eBook It doesn’t mention anything except the lesson files at the back of the book, but I’ll ask the publisher, thanks David!

Then my guess is you won’t be eligible for a free eBook, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Good luck! Posted June 21, Mac mini late Server 2. MikeRobinson Posted June 21, I’m not myself interested in taking the exam, but I sure did learn a lot from logic pro x certification exam free study guides, and David’s book is definitely on my radar. There are just so damned many bells and ffree in Logic that you’re simply not going to “stumble upon” them all. But the study guides and no doubt the book will take logic pro x certification exam free to them.

David Nahmani Posted June fdee, I just haven’t updated it yet the new certificaton was just released a few days ago. Thank you certificatikn pointing that out! Signature updated. Thank you again anp AAaaand I thought anp27 pointed it out — sorry it was you cleamon.

Thank you cleamon. MBPr mid i7 2.


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