My content failed to update/synchronize. How do I resolve this issue with tolino? – Der inhalte download ist fehlgeschlagen reader for pc

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Der inhalte download ist fehlgeschlagen reader for pc

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My content failed to update/synchronize. How do I resolve this issue with tolino? – MyTolino. Der inhalte download ist fehlgeschlagen reader for pc

Tap on the icon and select one of the settings. Just like reading content, you can load music onto your tolino tab either via USB cable or with a microSD card. Deaktivieren Sie die Windows-Firewall. Der Benutzer kann die AnyConnect profile settings mandate a single local user, but multiple local users are currently logged into your computer. This enables users to continue to use the tolino eReader while it is connected to the computer. Why can’t I see an eBook I read in the tolino library anymore? If you switch back to the library, the app automatically synchronizes this information.


Der inhalte download ist fehlgeschlagen reader for pc – Installer liefert Error “2251.Database: Transform”

In der msi log Datei ist die Zeile ‘Transforming table Error’ sehr oft zu finden. This warranty does not cover the possible costs of modifications or adaptations to the reader that become necessary to adjust it to the national technical or safety-related requirements odwnload a country where the reader is not supposed to be purchased, but is intended for use. Open the Windows Event Viewer and check the relevant logs. Company policy requires me to use VS — timhi. Admin settings.❿

Der inhalte download ist fehlgeschlagen reader for pc.Einführung


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To check whether an update is available for your tolino eReader, follow these steps:. You can also check your tolino eReader for the latest software manually.

To do this, simply visit mytolino. Simply select your device from the list and check whether the current software matches the software on your device. You can also perform a manual update. To do this, the first step is to download the latest software version on the mytolino website. Safely disconnect the device from the PC and restart it. The update will automatically start after you restart the reader. Depending on your model and storage capacity, you can store between 2, and 6, eBooks locally on your tolino eReader.

If you have reached your memory limit, you can delete eBooks locally from your tolino eReader without losing your purchased titles. The books remain in the tolino cloud, where you can download them again at any time. Some models also let you insert an SD memory card to increase the memory capacity.

This applies to the following models:. Please try again later. If the error continues, please contact the customer care team of your bookseller.

If you run into trouble logging in on your tolino eReader, we recommend repeating the login process via your computer. Here are a few tips to help you rule out typical causes of errors and resolve tolino WLAN problems on your own if possible. Please check the following:.

Is your tolino inadvertently in flight mode? You can tell when your device is in flight mode from the airplane symbol displayed in the status bar at top right on your screen. Check whether you selected the correct wireless network connection. Ideally, you should also test your data at the same time on another device, like a smartphone. If you have no problem connecting on the other device, there must be a different reason for the error.

Does the name of your WLAN or your password contain umlauts or other diacritic marks? Depending on how your specific router codes these characters, your tolino eReader may be unable to access the WLAN. Is your WLAN signal too weak or unstable? Check to make sure the signal quality and signal availability in your location are sufficient.

If possible, move to a location closer to the router. Is your tolino eReader set to the wrong date? The settings for your tolino eReader allow you to do various things, including manually selecting the date.

If you have set the date incorrectly for any reason instead of using the automatic date, there may be problems connecting to a WLAN router. If this is the case, please set your tolino eReader to the correct date and try again to connect to WLAN. Are you using an incompatible frequency band?

Because of the built-in hardware module, tolino eReaders only support WALN networks with a long-range 2. Please check the frequency band for your WLAN router and the relevant settings to eliminate this source of errors. In case of doubt, we recommend taking a look at the user guide for your router. If you use a 5 GHz WLAN connection by default for your other devices, please make sure your router also works on the 2.

To ensure that your WLAN network is secure and guard against unauthorized access, there are various kinds of encryption that you may have configured on your router. These encryption protocols have evolved over time, so some types of encryption are now viewed as insecure and outdated.

Our tolino eReaders support exclusively current, secure encryption methods. Your Windows computer may not recognize the tolino eReader. If this happens to you, we recommend the following steps:. This enables users to continue to use the tolino eReader while it is connected to the computer.

However, MacOS does not support this method without additional software. Often this is already installed by other programs. If this is not the case, you can use one of these programs:. Wwe would like to point out that we cannot take any responsibility for third-party software, you use it at your own risk.

Some tolino eReaders feature HZO water protection to protect them against fresh water from the inside. They can withstand being submerged in water at a depth of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes or up to 2 meters for as long as 60 minutes tolino vision 5 and tolino epos 2 only.

If your tolino accidentally comes into contact with other liquids, simply rinse it with tap water and let it dry for 48 hours. Please check your Internet connection. To open the title on your tolino eReader by tapping the eBook for the first time, thus automatically storing it on your device, you need an Internet connection.

After that, you can read the eBook anytime, even without an Internet connection. In rare cases, the screen may “freeze” and your tolino eReader may stop responding. In this case, please perform a reset. Please follow the specific instructions for your device. If you are unsure which device you are using, please contact your bookseller’s customer service department and describe your tolino in detail so that you can perform the correct reset procedure to avoid hardware damage.

Press and hold the power button for about seconds. Please be patient here and keep pressing the switch until you see the recovery page. Here you will be offered 3 options to choose from. Please choose the option “Start the system” which is automatically highlighted in black. Once the correct function is selected, press the power button for about 3 seconds as if you want to turn on the device again.

Press and hold the power button and the bottom scroll button simultaneously for about seconds. Please be patient here and hold the switches until you see the recovery page.

To perform a reset, simply press the reset button. This is located in a small opening on the bottom of your tolino eReader. Insert a bent paper clip, for example, into the opening until you feel a slight resistance. Your tolino eReader will then restart. This hast he advantage that you can continue to use your tolino ereader while it is connected to the computer. Due to this technology, your eReader will be recognized as an Android device by your computer and therefore will no longer be supported by the Adobe Digital Editions software.

The easiest way to transfer purchased eBooks to your tolino eReader is to add them automatically via tolino cloud. Once your tolino eReader is connected to and recognized by your computer via the included USB cable, you can access the tolino eReader from your computer.

You now have the option to exchange files between your computer and your tolino eReader. Please always place your eBooks in the “Books” folder on the tolino eReader hard drive. If you have problems with the software update, we recommend that you first perform a reset. Please be patient here and keep the button pressed until you see the recovery page. You can also store and read files in TXT format on your tolino eReader. If you receive warranty service, the warranty period is not extended overall.

Longshine will fulfill warranty obligations for defects by providing free repairs or replacing a defective reader with one that does not have defects. Replaced parts and readers become the property of Longshine Technologie GmbH.

The warranty does not encompass optional accessories or defects that have arisen due to improper use, user error, or external influence. The warranty also excludes wearing parts such as batteries that stop working through use alone. This warranty does not cover the possible costs of modifications or adaptations to the reader that become necessary to adjust it to the national technical or safety-related requirements in a country where the reader is not supposed to be purchased, but is intended for use.

To make a claim under the warranty for your tolino eReader, you will need proof of purchase invoice, receipt showing the date of purchase and the reader model name. You must file a claim concerning the defect in your reader with Longshine Technologie GmbH within the warranty period.

When you send in your tolino eReader, no guarantee can be given for the data stored on the reader. We recommend that you back up your data before sending in your tolino eReader. Your warrantor depends on the country where you bought your tolino eReader.

If you no longer have your warranty information, you can request it from your warrantor. Via Giuseppe Verdi n. Boterstraat 25 NA Schiedam Nederland. To protect copyrighted content, many eBooks are equipped with DRM digital rights management protection. To read this content, you need an Adobe user account Adobe ID. You can register an Adobe ID free of charge using the quick and easy process offered on the Adobe website. These books still appear in the author overview, however. Your login details are safe with tolino.

They are only ever transmitted in encrypted form, are never stored in the app itself and are therefore protecting from unauthorized third-party access. In the top right of the menu bar you will see a speech bubble with an exclamation mark. When you log in to the tolino app for the first time you select your preferred bookseller.

You then have the option of adding your login details for your bookseller in the tolino app. You will need to delete the tolino app data to change to another bookseller from the preferred bookseller you selected originally. Please note that this process is relatively complicated and is not usually necessary. This is also one of the reasons why we came up with our unique library link feature, as you can also purchase eBooks and audiobooks at any time from other booksellers using your browser.

Please note that logging out of and deleting the app will result in your downloaded content being deleted from your device. Content that you have not loaded yourself not synchronized can continue to be used in the app without logging in. This is worth remembering if you have a poor Wi-Fi connection on holiday or if your data volume is running low. In most cases, it is easier to purchase titles from other shops using your browser.

Your reading progress is synchronized on all of your registered devices. The app does this automatically. Please note that all devices must have an active internet connection in order for the synchronization to take place. Make sure that your device is connected to the internet while doing so. Tip: You can also manually synchronize your progress in your audiobooks. Of course you can! The tolino app is free to use for everyone, with or without a tolino eReader. Test out our tolino ecosystem for free and start exploring the world of digital reading.

Sit back and relax to a really good audiobook with tolino — how does that sound? Once you have logged in, you will see all of the titles in your library that you have purchased from your bookseller.

Grid view : In the grid view, your eBooks are sorted in a bookcase. By default, they are sorted by date added. In other words, you see the eBooks you have read and your most recent purchases first. You can change the sorting type at any time using the filter or sorting function.

You can also search your library by clicking on the magnifier symbol. List view : Switch from the grid view to the list view by tapping the list symbol on the right-hand side. The list view provides additional information regarding your titles, such as the book title, author and reading progress. You can use the tolino app without logging in, of course. However, in order to use all of the features of the app, you will need to log in to your tolino alliance bookseller account.

You can only access your own personal storage in the tolino cloud once you have logged in to your bookseller. Only then can we make your content available online, automatically save your reading progress and synchronize your tolino eReader. Give it a try! You can log out at any time and continue to use the tolino app for eBooks and audiobooks without being logged in. Purchased books or audiobooks are always stored safely and free of charge in the tolino cloud. This means you can access your books and audiobooks at any time from multiple eReaders, including your smartphone, your tablet and your computer.

Use your tolino app now also with Apple CarPlay! With Apple CarPlay, you can display the tolino app installed on your iPhone directly on your car’s integrated display, so you can concentrate on the road. Simply connect your iPhone to Apple CarPlay, select an already loaded audiobook from the tolino app library and play it.

Google Android Auto will also be made available to our customers in one of the next versions. Thank you for your patience. Audiobooks that you have not yet downloaded from your library are marked with a small cloud symbol. The download begins automatically when you tap on the cover. You can start listening as soon as the first chapter has been downloaded. The remaining chapters are then downloaded in the background. We recommend you download your audiobooks when connected to Wi-Fi, as in most cases they are larger than 1 GB.

If you download audiobooks using your mobile data, you may incur additional costs. Sleep timer : Using the sleep timer function allows you to set up the tolino app to automatically stop playback after a certain period of time or at the end of the current chapter.

The various settings can be found in the audiobook player by tapping on the clock symbol. Playback speed : You can adjust the playback speed however you like. Tap on the icon and select one of the settings. Fast forward and rewind : You can conveniently fast forward or rewind audiobooks in second increments using the buttons to the right and left of the play button.

Your progress in the particular chapter is displayed in the bottom half of the audiobook player. You can also fast forward and rewind here by adjusting the progress bar. Mini player : Play, pause, fast forward and rewind can all be used in the mini player, which opens when the app is playing the audiobook in the background. Adobe copyright protection is no longer supported in the tolino app.

However, you can download copyright tolino eBooks from the cloud in the tolino app. For titles with Adobe copyright protection from other sources, please use Adobe Digital Editions or the Onleihe app. In the grid view, simply tap on a cover to open an eBook. The eBook download is initiated if it is not yet downloaded on your device the device must be connected to the internet at this point. Once an eBook has been downloaded to your device in full, it will be opened for you in the reading view.

Tap the middle of the screen on any page to open or close the reading menu. Return to your library by tapping on the X at the top left of the menu bar. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. Browse other questions tagged macos xamarin xamarin. The Overflow Blog. Use Git tactically. Help us identify new roles for community members. Navigation and UI research starting soon.

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