Mia Pratt

Mia Pratt is an American fine art oil painter whose colorful scenes of exotic figures, creatures, landscapes and objects express an otherworldly viewpoint. 

Beginning in childhood and continuing through adulthood, Mia suffered near-death experiences where she expired during acute asthma attacks and was then medically revived. Oil painting allows her to blend some of the enigmatic impressions she recalls from “the other side” with images from daily life and dreamy fantasies from her imagination. 

After spending ten years operating “Old Pratt Studios” artists guild in Scottsdale, Arizona, Mia came to Mexico in 2010 seeking a quiet lifestyle where she could focus full-time on her art. She quickly discovered that Ajijic offered the perfect creative ecosystem – solitude for her work, a thriving arts community, and easy access to the US. 

Mia currently lives and works in her small private studio in Ajijic, which she opens to the public once or twice a year whenever a new collection is complete. 

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