Noris Binet

Archetypal Images from the Inner World of the Psyche that Foster Healing and Spiritual Growth. 

Noris has participated in more than 40 collective exhibitions and 10 solo shows. Her artistic explorations began as a student of architecture in the land of her birth, the Dominican Republic, and later became her passion while living in Ajijic, Mexico during her twenties. Then, after moving to Nashville TN, she dedicated herself fully to art and the work of healing. 

Noris explained that “living in the United States forced me to take seriously the process of making art as a tool for self-preservation.” The question shaping her work was, “where do I symbolically plant myself as a tree or as a home?” Her own heart was revealed to be her true home. 

She describes her work as being very organic and using acrylic, watercolor with airbrush has allowed her to create images that are infused with the numinous energy from the inner world of the psyche. Her artwork reflects the inner exploration and engagement with the mysterious power of symbols, and their transformative process. The vibrant colors and textures of her work have been inspired by the rich nature of the Caribbean Islands and Mexico, where she now lives. 

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Showing all 5 results