Robina Nicol

Robina Nicol’s essence is transformation – a desire to create and transform all that surrounds her, from outer world to inner sanctum. 

Inspired by NASA images from outer space, Nicol found the perfect platform to express her visions during dream time and meditation. As an intuitive, her work touches her audience personally. “It’s all about the soul’s experience, ever evolving, ever expanding … we can all identify with that connection.” 

Nicol paints in many mediums, often mixing them to achieve the effect she desires, often adding her poetry. Whatever medium she uses, her currency is vibrancy, her subject ‘transformation’. “I strive to capture the exact instant of change, when the pattern breaks into something else entirely.” 

After a lifetime of design and manufacturing, Nicol retired and began studies at Concordia University in Montreal, Dollard des Ormeaux Centre for the Arts and selective brilliant teachers in Québec and Ontario Canada since 2002. 

Nicol’s work can be seen at Scotia Bank, Montreal, Via Medica, Montreal, private international collections, Chapala Med and her private gallery in Ajijic, Mexico. 

Robina Nicol also teaches Abstract Art for the Soul from her studio. Contact her for further information by using our Contact Form. In your message, be sure to mention her name.

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