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Oil painting on canvas (Gallery-wrapped)     Size (W x H): 120cm x 150cm (48″ x 60″)

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Amor is a whimsical oil painting that captures an intimate moment shared between a woman and her dog, witnessed by her cat and a curious iguana. The woman is dressed to go out dancing, but the dog stands on her scarf to prevent her from leaving without him; she offers him his favorite toy in exchange, in a form of negotiation familiar to pet owners everywhere. The iguana, perched in a tiny window above the scene, keeps his eye on the cat – while the cat ignores the entire scene and stares out at the viewer. The harlequin ball in the woman’s hand draws the eye to the center of the composition where the story begins, while serving as a powerful testament to the complex, loving relationships we hold with the sentient beings in our lives.


As with other works in this collection, this painting is comprised of dozens of alternate layers of oil paint, translucent impasto tinted with oils, metallic powders, and translucent glazing. The level of detail in this work, combined with the layering technique, required months of work to complete. The surface of the painting has a gentle brush-stroke texture enhanced by a luminous glazed finish.


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Oil painting on canvas (Gallery-wrapped)   120cm x 150cm (48″ x 60″)

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