Castillo en Noche

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Acrylic on canvas, framed in a black shadow box style    Size (WxH): 59cm x 59cm  (23″ x 23″)

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From the beginning of humankind, the image has been used in the service of communication.

It has served magic, religion, and politics —the purposes of love and of war. But in any era, whether the artist intends it or not, he or she is a prism through which experiences and observations pass. The work of art  becomes a reflection.

My personal prism was formed from a study of music and dance as well as visual art.  It includes a lifetime of hiking through the mountains and walking the beaches with painting kit, sketchbook and camera as my steady companions.  Often, a small “plein air” painting will come home with me. When I began my painting career, my work was primarily non-objective.  As time went by, my appreciation of nature’s beauty led me to a more representational style.  Now I find myself going back to my beginnings. In observing the landscape, I analyze and abstract.  In the act of painting, I allow my spirit to go where neither the intellect nor the camera can follow. I feel the unity of all arts; the dance in nature’s motion; the music of color and line.

Acrylic on canvas, framed in a black shadow box style  59cm x 59cm  (23″ x 23″)

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