Gypsy Queen

$50,000.00 pesos M.N.

Oil painting on canvas (Gallery-wrapped)     Size (W x H): 90cm x 120cm (36″ x 48″)

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The Gypsy Queen stands tall against an exotic sunset like an image pulled out of a vintage Hollywood film. Her lovely face reveals both youthful vulnerability and worldly confidence, and her penetrating green eyes reveal a wisdom beyond her years. She stands in shallow water surrounded by lotus blossoms, symbolic of peace, wisdom and spiritual awakening.


She holds the tarot card, “The Fool,” which, in spite of its name, represents fearlessness and new beginnings. Although the name “Gypsy” is a racial slur assigned to the Roma people, she stands oblivious, a queen among women, draped in a belt of golden coins that represent the wealth of memories and experience she carries with her on her journey through life.


The Gypsy Queen is an original painting that consists of dozens of layers of oil paint, paint-infused oil impasto, and translucent glazing. Each layer of oil paint must dry before a subsequent layer of translucent glazing can be applied, requiring months of work as dozens of layers of paint and glaze are applied one upon the next. This process builds a subtle brush-stroke texture to the surface, and imparts depth and luminescence to the work.


Oil painting on canvas (Gallery-wrapped)   90cm x 120cm (36″ x 48″)


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