Home Sweet Home

$5,000.00 pesos M.N.

Original Limited Edition Block Print, printed in oil based ink on kraft paper – 90cm x 120cm (36″ x 48″)

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This is my reaction to the economic insecurities of many people in the world right now. While the mother in this image is busy with the smaller children, who sleep peacefully, the older girl sleeps fitfully. Deep down, she knows that people are not meant to live in cars.


The image is carved out on linoleum, inked and rubbed until it prints…Much like a rubber stamp.


Limited Edition Block Print – 90cm x 120cm (36″ x 48″)


This is an original print, hand-pulled by the artist. It is printed on kraft paper which I think is the most suitable material for the subject matter. If someone wanted it on archival white paper, I would be happy to do a special printing.


NOTE: this artist can ship their art outside of the Lake Chapala area. Please add the art to your cart, checkout, then contact the artist for a shipping quote. If you change your mind after getting the shipping costs, you are not committed to buying the art.


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