Midnight Garden

$80,000.00 pesos M.N.

Oil painting on canvas (gallery-wrapped)      Size (W x H): 122cm x 182cm (4ft x 6ft)

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This original oil painting features a beautiful female figure clothed in a white gauze dress, symbolizing the thin veil that separates the physical and spiritual. It is worn beneath an embroidered satin robe lined in gold, which allows her to reveal only what she wishes to reveal. Her face glows with the beauty of inner humanity as an outstretched hand beckons to an unknown companion. As she heads down a path by the sea, her other hand holds a lamp to light the way forward into the night, and the unknown. She leads the way past a flower-studded pond filled with koi fish and floating lotus blossoms alight with candles, symbolizing wisdom, awareness, and new beginnings.


This painting depicts a mature woman who is whole and unafraid of stepping out into the world to experience the fullness of life, free from the constraints of youth and illusion, to follow her own path – while remaining open to sharing her life’s journey with another. She represents every woman who has dared to leave the safety and predictability of ordinary life to venture into the unknown and live her dreams.


This painting consists of dozens of alternating layers of oil paint, gold powder, oil impasto, and translucent glazing. The use of thick, translucent oil impasto combined with rich oil colors and metallic powders add texture and interest to the work, while multiple layers of translucent glazing impart depth and luminosity. The level of detailed brushwork required to complete a canvas of this size took many months to complete.


Oil painting on canvas (gallery-wrapped)    122cm x 182cm (4ft x 6ft)


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