Parade for the Virgen del Rosario

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Digital black and white photograph, enhanced with Photoshop   Size (W x H): 50cm x 40cm (20″ x 16″)

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I took many photos during this parade. But when this float passed the El Cameleon Bar in central Ajijic, I knew this was my photo. Since I had snapped several, I selected the one where the whole scene on the float was visible as well as the ironic juxtaposition of the signs of BAR and the large sign of El Cameleon. And both the people on the street and on the float are looking adoringly at the Christ on the cross.


I have an original photo, matted and framed (thin black frame) and the cost is $1700 pesos, and I have another original which is matted, not framed, and the cost is $1100 pesos.


I have 2 copies which are image-wise identical in quality to the original, but are just not archival as they are not printed on archival paper. That only means they will not last 100 years, but certainly longer than our lifetimes. They are backed (but not pasted) on a foam board and covered in a cellophane for protection. Because they are not archival, I can sell them cheaper at $700 pesos.


Digital black and white photograph, enhanced with Photoshop   50cm x 40cm (20″ x 16″)

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