Portrait of Jaime, Chiapas Dancer

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Black and White Digital Image, with use of Photoshop     Size (W x H): 40cm x 50cm (16″ x 20″)

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I and two other photographers hired 3 dancers from Chiapas to come to the Island of Mezcala to dance and pose for us. While I do have photos of their dancing, this one haunted me.


Jaime was an adolescent dancer who wore a leopard costume replete with headdress. This photo was taken after we left the Island and Jaime had taken off his leopard headdress. This was completely unposed and I caught him in a contemplative moment.


I have 2 copies of the original which are image-wise identical in quality to the original, but are just not archival as they are not printed on archival paper. That only means they will not last 100 years, but certainly longer than our lifetimes. They are backed (but not pasted) on a foam board and covered in a cellophane for protection. Because they are not archival, I can sell them cheaper than the originals at $700 pesos.


I can also have an original printed on archival paper for $1300 matted, but not framed. That will take a week or two to get depending on how busy the printers and framers are. I get my originals quality printed in Guadalajara.


Black and White Digital Image, with use of Photoshop     40cm x 50cm (16″ x 20″)


I do have photos of the dance and the dancers with costume also. If anyone is interested in seeing them, please contact the artist directly by using our Contact Form. She can send photos in low resolution to you. In your message, be sure to mention Jill and “Chiapas Dancers”.


NOTE: this photo is condensed to low resolution for displaying on this website. You will not be able to enlarge it very much on your computer, but the print you receive will be as high resolution as the original

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