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Photograph, unframed   Size (W x H): 50cm x 40cm (20″ x 16″)

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This photo was a part of a solo exhibit I had at Sol Mexicano. Because I take (and love) ballet, I was put in contact with Hector Hernandez a former dancer with The Dance Theater of Harlem and who is the father of Isaac Hernandez (currently the best male ballet dancer in the world). He runs several schools of ballet for upcoming young talented dancers. These two ballerinas were just teenagers at the time but already on their way to be exquisite dancers. Hector allowed me to wander through the studio in Guadalajara to take photos while the class was in session.


Relevé means “raised up” in French. When dancers wear what we call toe shoes, they are on relevé.


I have a “copy” of the original which is almost identical in quality of reproduction and signed individually, but not printed on archival paper (which means it will not last a 100 years) for $700 pesos., protected by foam and cellophane and ready for framing.


I can make a print of the original version on archival paper, and this is sold unframed for $1200 pesos.


Please note that the image was deliberately developed out of focus to give more of a sense of flow and grace.


Photograph, unframed   50cm x 40cm (20″ x 16″)


NOTE: this photo is condensed to low resolution for displaying on this website. You will not be able to enlarge it very much on your computer, but the print you receive will be as high resolution as the original

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