Soiree du Papillon

$40,000.00 pesos M.N.

Oil painting on canvas (Gallery-Wrapped)    Size (W x H): 120cm x 150cm (48″ x 60″)

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In this painting, the expression on the woman’s face portrays the wonder and delight of an unexpected encounter in nature as she steps into a shimmering flutter of butterflies – a scene symbolic of the beauty encountered when we step out of ordinary life and dare to explore what lies beyond the beaten path.


The woman’s gaze follows a single yellow Swallowtail amidst a kaleidoscope of blue, as she pauses ankle-deep in a pond of blooming lotuses – representing that moment in life when we discover something unexpected that attracts us, igniting our curiosity and fueling our passion. The landscape around her features yellow sunflowers and red hollyhocks emerging from stands of thick green foliage, symbolic of the beauty and opportunity that surrounds us when we shed our fears and illusions to embrace truth.


This painting celebrates the free spirit within us that dares to explore the wonders of life and revel in the simple joys of being alive.


This painting consists of multiple applications of oil paint, translucent impasto tinted with oils, metallic powders, and translucent glazing layers applied one layer at a time, with each allowed to dry before the next is applied. It takes months to complete a single work, but the process is worth the effort to attain the gentle textured brush work and a deep, luminous finish.


Oil painting on canvas (Gallery-Wrapped)   120cm x 150cm (48″ x 60″)

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