Sueños (Dreams)

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Digital color photograph printed on artist watercolor paper     Size (W x H): 85cm x 55cm (33″ x 21″)

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The photo was taken during Day of the Dead. The young woman was sitting on a bench opposite the Presidentia ( City Hall) across from Lake Chapala. Surrounding the area were many altars set up and teens were being decorated with face paint. This young woman had just been painted as a Catrina, the most iconic image during Day of the Dead festivities. Women paint their faces in colorful make-up and dress with elegant outfits evoking the famous symbolic skeleton.


This photo was merged in Photoshop with a photo of the pond at the Lake Chapala Society in Ajijic. When merging photos, it is necessary to choose the right photo that will coordinate well with the original and then to make sure that the opacities of each photo are adjusted so that the primary photo (in this case, the woman) is spotlighted.


The photo is adhered to a mat, but there is no glass. This was done on purpose so that one could see the texture of the photo, but, of course, since it is framed glass can be added for a nominal cost. Framed in thin silver colored wood frame.


This is an original. Smaller copies can also be made either on textured paper or on a high grade, but non archival paper. Contact the artist directly for more info by using our Contact Form. In your message, be sure to mention Jill and “Sueños”.


Digital color photograph printed on artist watercolor paper. Water color paper has a texture that regular photographic paper does not have.   85cm x 55cm (33″ x 21″)


NOTE: this photo is condensed to low resolution for displaying on this website. You will not be able to enlarge it very much on your computer, but the print you receive will be as high resolution as the original

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