Take Off Ze Bra

$5,000.00 pesos M.N.

Fabric art    SIZE (W x H): 80cm x 193cm (32” x 76”)

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Let the breeze flow and watch her take off happy and free like all creatures of the earth should be. This piece lends a sense of Tribal, Movement and Freedom to your room. A mixture of double sided sewn strips of fabric which look great on both sides, wooden beads, washers and my own creation of the long fabric beads made from luxurious velvets, silks, printed canvas, cottons, quirky yarns and silver cording. Each bead is a work of art and a labour of love. Each strip has a 3 “ rod pocket which slips over a tension rod to hang it within your door jam. They can easily be rearranged or added to if you wish to make it bigger. Just request more pieces from me at an additional cost. Use it as a pass through doorway curtain, a wall hanging, a mobile, a shower curtain, a window curtain, to hide the laundry room or pantry, anywhere really.


Fabric art   80cm x 193cm (32” x 76”)


Custom colors and designs may be available. Contact the artist via the Contact Form.


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