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The Safari is a default browser that is pre-installed on all Apple devices. There is no way to uninstall the browser unless your device is broken into. Below is the direct download link for the Safari browser for macOS Mojave , however, it should be compatible even with the latest macOS Catalina.

Download Safari for MacOS. There have been no major upgrades to Safari for years. That will help you to download Safari for Windows. Download Safari for Windows. Unfortunately, the Safari browser is not available for any Linux OS. Apple has restricted its browser only to Apple devices.

However, you can use the software program called wine which can help in downloading the Safari browser for any Linux OS.

Please note that in the below setup guide credits we will be using the same SafariSetup. Hence, I strongly recommend skipping Safari in Linux. However, it is not at all recommended to download the Safari browser for Linux OS.

The first issue that you will face is that of compatibility and being an older version, it might not work properly on your Linux device. There are multiple browsers that you can consider as an alternative to the safari browser across the operating systems.

I think Apple needs to consider porting Safari to Windows again as well as offering up a Android version. Like Microsoft has done with Edge Chromium, porting your browser to more than just your native OS is a plus for cross platform users. What would you do if you only had a Windows PC available? This is precisely why I need Safari for Windows: to be able to read all of my. Thank you so much osxdaily for providing the link to the download. Shame on Apple for not doing so on their Safari support page for Windows.

The files can be read with a text editor, but they do not display as a web page and one has to scroll down extremely far to get to the text one needs to read. I wonder why Apple killed off safari for windows? Lack of interest maybe? The URL looks fishy. Other browsers are not allowed. An outdated version of Safari Windows is what Apple continues to offer as a download. Believe it or not, some people may need it, so that is why Apple probably offers it.

There is not advice, advice would be guidance, whereas information is simply a fact. People have free will for now anyway! Is there no critical thinking skills out there? Hint: you can disagree with me and you made some good points without getting personal and nasty. It was not necessary. Do your homework, sport. It cannot be run on Windows, regardless of the virtualization software.

It would be even harder to imagine anyone wanting to use ancient browsers in modern environments. As far as testing goes, that should be sufficient. Person uses Mac at home and forced to use Windows 10 at work, and they are looking for a unified browser experience — extensions, bookmarks, autofill , etc. How on earth would an old version of Safari give a unified browsing experience? The biggest reason someone would need to use Safari in a Windows environment is for cross-browser compatibility testing for web development.

Safari is uniquely crappy at offering the same level of compatibility you will find between Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and [current versions of] Internet Explorer.

There are a number of standard jQuery, javascript, flash, and even some very basic basic DOM markups that do not display, or sometimes function at all, in Safari. Name required.

Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Safari for Windows? If You Must Aug 27, – 30 Comments. But unless you just want to have a feel of how Safari looked almost a decade earlier, we recommend you stay away from it. Download the Safari installer from a software download portal such as Uptodown , Filehippo , or TechSpot. It weighs in at Specify if you want to add Safari as a desktop shortcut or not.

Select Next to continue. Pick an install directory or leave the default folder path and select Install. Wait for the Safari installer to finish installing Safari on your computer. Then, select Finish. After installing Safari, you can choose to open it by double-clicking the Safari icon on the desktop.

By default, new tabs display frequently visiting sites in thumbnail format—you can use the Top Sites and History tabs to switch them and your browsing history. Selecting the cog-shaped icon at the right corner of the screen reveals the Safari menu, where you can choose to customize the toolbar, access your browsing history, launch a private browsing window, and so on. Selecting Preferences opens the Preferences pane, which provides options to modify the homepage, pick a default search engine, adjust privacy settings, manage extensions although extensions support is non-existent , etc.

What the browser does not allow is to sign in with an Apple ID. That makes it impossible to sync your browsing data from an iPhone or Mac. During our Safari tests on Windows, the browser started showing its age.

Most websites took a long time to load, while web apps such as YouTube and Google Maps simply failed or prompted us to switch to a compatible browser. Other than for basic web browsing, it was practically useless. If your gear consists of a PC and iPhone or Mac, you can sync your passwords and bookmarks from Safari with Google Chrome and vice-versa by installing iCloud for Windows.

However, only Chrome receives support for both.



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Download the latest version of Safari for Windows. Safari browser is now ready for Windows action. When we used to see that eye catching internet browser in. In this article, we’ll explain whether you can download Safari for Windows, how to do so, and what limitations you’ll have to deal with. Can I download Safari Browser for my Windows OS PC? No, Apple has now limited the Safari Browser only up to iOS and macOS so you cannot download. Download Safari for Windows. Fast downloads of the latest free software! Click now. Download the Safari installer from a software download portal such as.❿

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